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Join us at the third and final set of Public Workshops for the 287 Strategic Plan! There will be two options for attendance:

  • Wednesday, May 27th, 5:00-7:00 PM, Gertrude Scott Room, Loveland Public Library
  • Thursday, May 28th, 5:00-7:00 PM, Police Institute

Download the Draft 287 Strategic Plan and provide your input here!

In January of 2012, the Loveland City Council held their annual Council Advance to set the priorities for the year. One of the goals the Council set as a priority was to “Develop a Highway 287 Business Development Corridor Plan” to guide its development and improve business opportunities along the Corridor. This goal was again adopted as a priority by City Council in 2013 and their commitment was reaffirmed in July 2013 when the project was funded.

As one of the main corridors into Loveland’s downtown, the Highway 287 Corridor will serve as an important future growth area and has great potential for redevelopment and becoming a gateway to Downtown Loveland. The plan will serve as a guide for residents, property and business owners, developers, City staff, and elected officials in making good land use, design, and development decisions in the Corridor.

A key outcome of the plan will be an understanding of the Corridor’s competitive business position, and identifying the types and combination of supportable retail, office, and industrial space that can be retained and attracted to the Corridor. The plan will also identify impediments associated with development and create strategies to facilitate redevelopment, attract private investment, and create a positive image through well designed streetscapes and high-quality development.

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